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How it all started

It all started in high school when I was listening to various indie rock n roll artists and bands and I thought to my self that's something id love to be able to do. I would say I was 15 when I really got into music and picked up a guitar but at first I never really got going with it, I had a couple of lessons and basically decided to just slowly but surely teach my self. I started of attempting to learn some covers but just got frustrated with how long it took me. I Then had a couple of years of just basically going to college and in a sense forgot about making my own music, Then out of the blue a friend asked if I wanted to come and try out for a band as the frontman, straight away the spark came back I though yeah definitely. I spent a year or so in the band created a couple of songs made my first music video  got on a couple of radio stations, Then it kind of just fell apart everyone went to uni and done there own thing. From then on until now I have been writing my own music getting more creative exploring new instruments and this is how I have come to release my very own acoustic EP.

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