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My Equipment

I thought I would let you all know what equipment I use to create my music at home. I must reiterate before I start that when it comes to mixing mastering and studio recoding I use a professional recording studio in Manchester. I currently have a Epiphone EJ200CE electro acoustic guitar which is the core of my equipment, This is where everything comes from. It is a really decent acoustic guitar if anyone is thinking of getting one, nice sound, not too big, I have a sunburst so it also looks great. I also have a Boss RC-30 loop station this is where the creativity comes I can play a decent chord progression and ad some percussion and make something out of nothing because of the features it offers it is a really decent bit of kit. I also have a Cajon where I can add simple drum beats to tracks, a real must have if you are a solo artist it can add uniqueness as well as another layer to your sound. I also use a semi acoustic electric guitar (sun burst again, you can see a pattern is emerging) with pick ups and also a bass guitar which is useful to add to songs which are sounding flat. I also use a Focurite itrack dock studio pack. this contains a docking station for your ipad with ports for instruments and also the microphone and headphones you get with it. it is a decent bit of kit for what it is but is nothing more than a recording device to log ideas. That concludes the main kit I use, I also have percussion instruments as in a shaker, foot tambourine, hand tambourine and cow bell. If you want any more information on what I use just get in touch :).