How easy is it to break into the music industry?...

I have put together some tips I believe you need to break into the music industry.

1. Brand.

record labels, booking agents and promoters are all looking for that brand, That something that is easy to sell a brand that is easy to market and make you instantly recognisable and stand out from the crowd. I would suggest you spend some time on working on a brand that separates you from the rest, this could be a logo, a slogan, a title, a cool band name a picture to print onto merchandise, anything that will get people talking about you.

2. Network.

It is easy to think you are getting know where and just constantly updating your social media platforms, bringing out new music, engaging with fans and nothing is happening and wondering why you are not getting that big break?, Major record labels and even independent labels love artists and bands who are constantly online updating status, posting pictures, engaging with fans etc, it is the modern era so when you think no one Is watching remember this, don’t give up the internet is huge someone is always watching.

3. Collaborate.

Do not be feared, reach out to local bands, artists and musicians, check them out and ask what they are doing, see who they are in contact, ask them if they want to work together, Big bands have made a living off ripping off other big bands but it has broken them into the industry. Take time to look at Other emerging artists in your area to see if you can get any inspiration from them.

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