Musical Heritage... My Take on Musical heroes from different cities?... (Top 5)

Musical Heritage is massive in the UK, it’s what we live for and it’s what we die for. I believe without heritage and the culture it brings, the world would be a very sad and lonely place, Below I will list my top five cities and The bands/musicians I believe brought the city to life.

1. Manchester (OASIS).

For many people hearing the name oasis brings Back so many great memories and great music, but what did the band also bring to the table?, well from their monobrows to there Beatles style haircuts and baggy grandad shirts they also brought swag. Oasis were a in your face rock n roll band who had everything which a lot of people was jealous of, The reason for me they captured the heart of the city isn’t just because of there great music but because of there don’t give a fuck attitude, 5 lads from Manchester ready to take on the world with a heap of great music. Thank you boys.

2. Liverpool (The Beatles)

The Beatles will go down in history as a band who absolutely changed the game, from there songwriting to there tap along catchy beats They had everything at the time. Beatle Mania was and still is one of the biggest wide spread epidemics to have ever have been seen by the world. The Beatles do not shy away from the fact that they had experimented with drugs having hit fame in the hippy Era it is no surprise. Liverpool is very proud of what The Beatles had done and the impact they had and continue to have on the world of music, you only have to take a trip Matthew street and visit the cavern club to see that The Beatles are very much still alive in Liverpool.

3. Sheffield (Arctic Monkeys)

I don’t think it is any surprise that Arctic Monkeys made it onto this list. Alex Turner for me is a lyrical genius, the way he tells story's Within his songs is just another level above a lot of song writers I know. Arctic Monkeys first album “Whatever People Say I Am, That Is What I’m Not” is still by many valued as their greatest album ever, it is raw, it’s edgy, it’s all feel good going out vibes, it’s in another word Brilliant, from Living and gigging around Sheffield to becoming a world sensation and very wealthy. Arctic Monkeys certainly brought the city to life attracting many with homecoming gigs etc.

4. London (Pink Floyd)

Pink Floyd are a psychedelic rock band from London. The following this band has is astounding, everyone in the 70s and 80s will remember the impact The Album “The Dark Side Of The Moon“ has on rock music, it was a new lease of life it was fresh it was different it was quirky. Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour are considered as musical geniuses, together they combined there love of music and created the band ”Pink Floyd” and brought in there cohesive riffs and very different lyrics and everyone loved it, a great band who will never be forgotten with great music. Along with many others Pink Floyd attracted millions to see them in London adding to the cities tourist attractions.

5. Oxfordshire (RadioHead)

RadioHead are a English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Thom Yorke the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band is said to have made them what they are, without him writing for the band I believe they wouldn’t have become so influential. Radiohead released there Debut Single “Creep“ which blew them up and got everyone talking and still this day it stands as one of there greatest songs written and produced. The Bends is my favourite album with big riffs and good lead parts it is a must to add to your Spotify library. Although they are from a small town they certainly caught the eye of the village and remain there biggest asset to date.

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