My Song-writing Tips:

Over the past 5 years I have been experimenting with song writing and have compiled these tips that help me write my own music.

Tip 1: Write whatever comes to you.

The phrase I use is whatever falls out the sky write down. Do not be getting frustrated when the song is going off track or isn't rhyming or flowing with the melody you have created. The song is yours you can always go back and change anything you want.

Tip 2: Rest Day.

Take time to have a rest from song-writing, it is to common and easy to get caught up with constantly writing songs and then wondering why they are all sounding similar. I would recommend to have a complete rest day from it do not even think about and who knows when you go back you could write that number 1 Hit we are all trying to create.

Tip 3: Topic.

Try different techniques, Write a song which is dictated around the title or topic you choose. I have done this with a couple of my songs and was quite surprised at the things that came to me.

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